CERT Seminar 2019

Date :
Thursday 28.03.2019
Time :
9am to 5pm
Venue :
The Star Performing Arts Theatre
FSMAS is one of the supporting organisations of the CERT Seminar 2019.
Please click here for detailed and more information of the seminar and registration.

Current FSM-CPD Cycle is expiring on 31 December 2019

A gentle reminder that the current FSM-CPD cycle (from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2019) is expiring on 31 December 2019.

At the end of the 3-year fixed CPD cycle, FSMs will need to be re-certified through the attainment of at least 30 CPD points ; Senior FSM will require 40 CPD points to be recertified as Senior FSM within the 3-year cycle to continue to practise as a FSM or Senior FSM in the coming CPD cycle.

FSMs that did not meet the requirement of accumulating at least 30 CPD points within the 3-year cycle will be suspended and not be re-certified.

In order to continue to practise as a FSM, suspended FSMs will need to undergo and pass a re-validation course to be conducted by Civil Defence Academy to resume their status as certified FSM.

Senior FSM who could meet only 30 CPD points may be re-certified as FSM in the coming CPD cycle but not as Senior FSM. They will need to pass the Senior FSM examination to be re-certified as Senior FSM. 

Do note that excess points accumulated within a cycle are not transferable to the next cycle.    

Please click here for detailed information of the FSM-CPD Programe.