Membership And Fee

Information is correct as at time of publication.
Ordinary Members

a)  All registered Fire Safety Managers
b)  All those who are eligible for registration as Fire Safety Managers
Associate Member
Notwithstanding the provision of clause 4(i), any person who belongs to any Institute of Higher learning, who is teaching subjects promoting the objects of the Association, the Institution of Fire Engineers Singapore and any related professional body or organisation which has similar objects of the Association, may apply to be an Associate member of the Association.
The Management Committee may in its own discretion, approve or reject each application for Associate membership.
Associate members shall have no voice in the affairs and management of the Association.

The Association may admit as Affiliates such bodies who desire to support its aims and activities.

Such bodies shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as that of Associate Membership.
Any person who is performing fire safety related work or has intention to pursue fire safety course, may apply to be a Graduate of the Association.
The Management Committee may in its own discretion, approve or reject each application. A Graduate has no voting right.
Fellow is the highest grade of membership of the Association shall be an Ordinary Member of the Association that has filfilled the following citeria.
a)  A certified Fire Safety Manager or Senior Fire Safety Manager by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
b)  Has been an Ordinary Member of the Association for a continuous period of not less than ten years
c)  Nomination by two (2) existing Fellow Members who know the Applicant professionally
d)  Evidence of significant support and contribution to the Association or evidence of substantial achievement in area of Fire Safety Management area
e)  Submission of a thesis or portfolio of works which will examined and approved by the Management Committee
Ordinary or Fellow or Associate Members
a)  having attained the age in accordance to the Government official retirement age and has been a paid up member for at least five (5) consecutive years of joining the Association
b)  has been paid up members for at least twenty (20) consevation years from year of joining the Association but not attaining the age in accordance to the government retirement age make application inwriting to the Management Committee to have his membership transferred to the Life Members List and such transfer shall become effective from January of the following year upon affirmation and approval  of the Management Committee.
Life members shall not required to pay any membership subscription fee.
Institutional Membership       

Any Non-Profit Organisation which has similar objective of the Association with employers or employees or members who are Fire Safety Managers or Senior Fire Safety Managers certified by the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The Management Committee may in its own discretion, approve or reject each application.
Transfer of Membership
A Graduate may apply for upgrading to an Ordinary Member provided he qualifies the entry requirement of that grade.
He shall pay the subscription fee of the grade of the Ordinary Member with effect from date of approval of the Management Committee.
He shall be informed in writing by the Honorary Secretary.
Type of Membership and Fees
The fees may from time to time determine by the Management Committee.
Type of Membership  Annual Membership Subscription Fee  Entrance Fee 
 Ordinary Member $100.00   $10.00
 Affiliate Member $200.00  NA
Associate Member $100.00 $50.00
Graduate Member $75.00 $10.00
Fellow Member $100.00 NA
Life Member NA NA