FAQ on Event Booking

1. How do I register for events organised by Fire Safety Manager's Association Singapore?
Ans:  You can register for events at http://www.fsmas.org.sg/index.php/events/current-events
We regret to inform that registration via email or telephone or walk-in shall not be entertained.
2. How do I pay for the event participation fee?
AnsPayment is by a local bank issued credit or debit card via PayPal.
3. How would I be informed of my registration?
Ans:  Both the e-receipt from organiser and PayPal are confirmation of registration.
4. Can I submit my registration before the registration period?
Ans:  Organiser does not accept any registration before or after the registration period. Only registration within the period is permitted.
5. What happen if I did not complete registration with full fee payment or close the registration webpage without completing registration or making full fee payment?
Ans:  You will be logged out of the registration system for 2 hours. This is to allow the system to purge the information you have input in the registration.  
6. When will my FSM-CPD points be credited?
Ans:  FSM-CPD Program is under purview of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).
CPD points will be awarded one month after the event is conducted.
CPD points will be awarded to FSMs who had registered themselves in the e-FSM Portal
Attendance confirmed by electronic sign-in before event starts and sign-out at end of event on the event day
7. I've registered for the wrong event date. I can’t make it now. Can I attend the next session?
Ans:  You can only attend the session which you have registered. There is no postponement.

8. Can I transfer my seat to someone else as I’m unable to attend?
Ans:  Seat confirmed is not replaceable, transferable or postpone in the event that participant is unable to attend on the said event day, for whatever reasons.

9. I’ve registered for the event but I can’t make it now. Can I get a fee refund?
Ans:  Fees paid are not refundable or transferable in the event that participant cancels after payment or does not show up on the said event day, for whatever reasons.
10. How do I know the CPD points are already awarded to me?
Ans:  You may log in to the e-Fire Safety Manager Portal via your SingPass to check.
11. Is there SDU or PDU points awarded for FSM Briefing?
Ans:  SDU and PDU points will NOT be awarded for FSM Briefing. Only CPD points will be awarded for FSM Briefing.
12. Can I amend the information input and / or submitted in registration?
Ans:  Information submitted is filed and locked. For security and data protection reasons, there is no form of any amendment to be carried out once information is submitted. Please provide correct information in registration.
13. Can I carry over excess CPD points accumulated for current cycle to the next cycle?
Ans:   FSM is not able to carry over excess CPD points accumulated for current cycle to the next cycle.
14. Will CPD Points be awarded to me if I forget to sign-in and sign-out my attendance on the event day?
Ans:   No CPD points will be awarded.
15. May I sign-in my attendance and attend the event if I am late?
Ans:   Attendance sign-in stations will close at a designated time. There is no scanning and / or manual paper attendance sign-in there after.
Late comers may attend the event but CPD points will not be awarded and there is no refund of participation fee. 
16. Can I pay the event fee at the PayPal gateway if I do not have a PayPal Account?
Ans:   Yes, you can by tabbing on "Check Out As A Guest" or "Pay by Credit or Debit Card" on the page and input information of your credit card.
17. What is the FSM Registration Number?
Ans:   FSM Course graduate upon collection of the certificate, may register his or her particulars in the e-FSM portal via https://www.scdf.gov.sg/ > E-Services > Fire Safety > e-Fire Safety Manager Portal.

The e-FSM portal will generate his or her unique FSM Registration Number and allows for easy monitoring of CPD courses attended and provides a channel for SCDF to relay information such as fire safety articles, FSM Briefings, Senior FSM Course and other important information.

In addition, appointment and termination of FSM to buildings is carried out via the e-FSM portal.
FSM may log in to the e-Fire Safety Manager Portal via his or her SingPass to retrieve the FSM Registration Number.