FSM Briefing 2022 (Webinar) - “Towards a Collective Effort for Fire Safety”

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To update Fire Safety Managers of the latest fire safety regulations and share best effective practises in the fire safety industries.
A platform where authority and related professionals update and share best practises, changes and information in the arena of fire safety.

Who Should Attend

Fire Safety Managers of commercial and industrial premises.



Non-FSMAS Member: $40.00 NETT
FSMAS Member: $25.00 NETT
(Not GST Registered)


Virtual event via Zoom.
Participants will be required to log into Zoom via their electronic devices (with working web camera and audio system) to attend the webinar.
2.00 pm to 5.30 pm
All participants are to log on to event at 1.00 pm on actual event day.
Please note that webinar may start and / or end before and / or after posted event time.
Kindly Take Note :
FSM Briefing 2022 (Webinar) is the only briefing for year 2022. There will be no more run in year 2022 there after.
Please be informed that all seats are fully taken up and electronic registration has closed earlier than posted deadline.

Accreditation from SCDF

10 FSM-CPD points will be awarded to Fire Safety Manager who
a.     is registered in e-FSM Portal and has furnished correct FSM Registration Number
b.     has attended and stayed through on-screen in entire duration of event with web camera turned on
c.     has completed and passed on-line quiz questions before submission deadline given


Please follow the registration procedures and understand the terms and conditions carefully.
There is there is no corporate registration for the event.
Important Information to Take Note and / or to Provide in Electronic Event Registration.
1.     Participant's Individual Personal Email Address (Company or Organisation Domain email address will not be accepted)
Participant is to provide valid individual personal email address.
If participant does not receive any form of communications and / or instructions in inbox mail folder, please check spam and / or junk mail folder and / or check filters section in mail setting.
2.     Participant's Full Name as per NRIC or Employment Pass
Participant must provide FULL NAME as per NRIC or Employment Pass.
Providing misinformation will affect awarding of FSM-CPD points.
3.     Participant's NRIC Number or FIN Number
Participant to provide correct NRIC or FIN number for verification purposes in electronic event registration.
4.     Participant's Personal Mobile Number
Participant to provide mobile number for contact purposes, as and when deemed necessary.
5.     FSM Registration Number
FSM Registration Number (5 numeric digits) is the unique number generated in e-FSM Portal to Fire Safety Manager when he or she registers in the e-FSM Portal.
Participant must provide correct FSM Registration Number. Providing misinformation may result in FSM-CPD points not awarded by SCDF.
6.     FSMAS Membership Number (FSMAS Membership Number is issued to Fire Safety Manager when he or she joins FSMAS as a member)
If participant is a current financial member of FSMAS, please provide FSMAS Membership Number in electronic event registration so as to enjoy discounted participation fee rate.
Please Kindly Take Note :
If you have submitted your registration without completing it with full payment or have closed the page prior completing the transaction, please retry again 2 hours later from time of last log in.
This is to allow the system to purge out your input of personal data earlier from the system.
Terms and Conditions :
1.     Individual is deemed to have read, understand and consented to terms and conditions set out herein.
2.     Registration is solely via this webpage. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to submit electronic event registration and remember to tick the disclaimer box. There is no manual registration of any form.
Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis, subject to availability of seats and may close earlier than posted deadlines and / or maximum capacity is reached.
3.     If you are submitting registering on behalf of another participant and by submitting registration on behalf of another participant, you are warranting that you have made the participant aware of these terms and that he or she has accepted these terms.
4.     By registering for the event and providing personal data in this electronic registration, participant is deemed to have given consent that any and all personal data submitted may be collected, used, disclosed and / or submitted to the governing bodies, third party providers, agents and other organisations for various purposes, including
a.     to communicate with the individual for purposes related to the event
b.     processing of registration and in the provision of administrative services and support 
5.     Personal information provided will be treated with confidentiality.
To safeguard personal data, all electronic storage and transmission of personal data are secured with appropriate security technologies.
6.     Prior to submitting an electronic event registration, making full participation fee payment and participating virtual event via Zoom, it is participant's responsibility to ensure that his or her technology is compatible with our systems.
Organiser is not liable or responsible for any technical issues which may arise as a result of participant's failure to ensure compatibility as above.
7.     Registration is at sole discretion of the organiser and it reserves the right to accept and / or reject registration and / or cancel any previously accepted registration, at any time at its sole discretion, for any reasons, without liability to individual.
8.     All participation fees are quoted and will be deducted in Singapore Dollars. Organiser is not a Goods and Services Tax (GST) registered entities.
9.     Invoice will not be issued but an electronic receipt will be sent to participant at the email address input in electronic event registration upon successful registration and full participation fee payment.
If participant does not receive electronic receipt in inbox mailer, please check spam and /or junk mail folder and / or filters section in mail settings.
10.   Payment of full participation fee is by a local issued credit or debit card via PayPal payment gateway only. Users are subjected to PayPal User Agreement and applicable policies.
If individual does not have a PayPal Payment Account, please tab on "Check out as a Guest" or "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" on the page and furnish details of credit or debit card as per information request fields and instructed next pages.
11.   By submitting electronic event registration, participant confirms that information contained in registration are accurate and valid.
Once information is submitted, filed and locked in electronic event registration, for security reasons, there is no form of any amendment to be carried out.

Please kindly take note:

Accreditation and Pre-requisites
10 FSM-CPD points will be awarded to Fire Safety Manager who
a.     is registered in e-FSM Portal and has furnished correct FSM Registration Number
b.     has attended and stayed through on-screen in entire duration of event with web camera turned on
c.     has completed and passed on-line quiz questions before submission deadline given       
Fire Safety Manager who fails to comply to above-mentioned will be deemed as absent and FSM-CPD points will not be awarded.
Alteration to Program - Cancellation or Postponement of Event
Organisation reserves the right to make alterations in the event program including, but not limited to
a.     cancel or postpone, in which case organiser will inform participants as soon as reasonably practicable
b.     replacing scheduled speaker at any time without prior notice to participants. In event that it being found necessary, for whatever reason, that event is being cancelled or postponed or interrupted or stopped, there shall be no refund of participation fee paid.
Organiser shall not be liable for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred by participant or inconvenience caused
Attendance - Please note that there is strict validation of attendance for event
Participant has to attend attire duration of event and to complete and pass on-line quiz questions.
Logging on to event and / or attending event on behalf of another attendee constitutes voiding of both attendees' attendance and FSM-CPD points not awarded.
Please be informed that official receipt of payment fee paid does not equate to being present in the event.
Participant's Personal Email Address (Company or Organisation Domian email address will not be accepted)
Participant has to provide valid individual personal email address.
If participant does not receive any form of communications and / or instructions and / or electronic receipt in inbox mail folder, please check spam and / or junk mail folder and / or check the filters section in mail settings and / or email firewall settings.
Organiser shall not be held responsible for any disputes with participant's failure to receive any form of communications and / or instructions, arising from
a.     misinformation provided by participant, for whatever reasons
b.     failure to check for emails in spam and / or junk mail folder and / or filter section in email settings, and / or email firewall settings, for whatever reasons              
Please email to events@fsmas.org.sg reference to queries on electronic event registration for the webinar. Organiser will respond as soon as reasonable practicable.
Please email to scdf_fsm@scdf.gov.sg reference to queries or concerns on FSM Certification and / or FSM Re-certification and / or matters pertaining to FSM-CPD points.
Event Speakers and Topic Material
Any information and views expressed by the speaker is solely his own.
The speaker shall ensure its rightful ownership of any copyright in their presentation materials and that any facts, representations, statements whatsoever made in these materials are true and accurate.
Organiser shall be in no way liable for these materials.
FSMAS Member Registration Rates (Not transferable to non-FSMAS member)
By selecting FSMAS members registration rate, it is agreed that participant is a current financial FSMAS member and that registration is made in the FSMAS member's name only.
FSMAS membership number is a compulsory information to input in electronic event registration.
Please email to membership@fsmas.org.sg for matters pertaining to FSMAS Membership.
FSM Registration Number
FSM Registration Number (5 Numeric Digits) is the unique number generated in e-FSM Portal to Fire Safety
Participant must provide correct FSM Registration Number. Providing misinformation will result in FSM-CPD points not awarded by SCDF.
Organiser shall not be held responsible for FSM-CPD points not awarded to Fire Safety Manager due to misinformation furnished, for whatever reasons.
Fire Safety Manager may retrieve his or her FSM Registration Number in the e-FSM Portal via his or her SingPass at https://eservices1.scdf.gov.sg/fsm/efsm/index.do
NO Fee Refund or Replacement or Postponement and Not Transferable Policy
Registration confirmed is not replaceable, transferable or postpone, in respect of participant's failure to attend event and / or attend entire duration of event, for whatever reasons.
Participant will still be liable for participation fee payment.
Participation fees paid are not refundable or transferable, in respect of
a.     participant cancels registration after registration is confirmed, for whatever reasons
b.     participant's failure to attend event and / or attend entire duration of event, for whatever reasons
c.      participant's failure to attempt and pass on-line quiz, for whatever reasons
d.     wrong registration submission and participation fee paid
On-Line Quiz
On-line quiz URL link will be sent to participant after the webinar via email.
Participant has to complete and pass on-line quiz questions before submission deadline given.
Participant has to input his or her full name as per NRIC, FSM Registration Number and same email address as in event registration in on-line quiz platform.

Fire Safety Manager who did not attend the entire FSM Briefing 2022 (Webinar) but attempt and pass on-line quiz will be deemed as absent and FSM-CPD points will not be awarded.
Personal Data
Organiser collects personal information about participant which is necessary for it to manage and operate the event and administer participant's participation in events.
Organiser may disclose personal information about participant, for any of the purposes and in accordance with the PDPA, to any of our agents and service providers providing services in relation to the event and / or our partners or collaborators in the event (including but not limited to the Singapore Civil Defence Force)
Further details on the use of personal information are provided in organiser's Data Protection Policy which is available at https://www.fsmas.org.sg/index.php/data-protection-policy
Videography and Audio Recording
All presentation material and information exhibited in event are copy-righted and proprietary to the speakers; therefore audio recording and / or visual recording by participant is prohibited.
The event is documented by means of video and / or sound recording by the organiser, or others on behalf of the organiser.
By attending or participating in the event, participants consent that videos and / or sound recordings of the event in which the participants are clearly identifiable may be used in whole or in part for all current and future media, without compensation or credit to participants.
Zoom Meeting ID
Zoom meeting link will be emailed to participant (with successful electronic registration and completed full participation fee payment).
Participant is not to share link publicly so as to keep webinar secure.