Management Committee

 29th FSMAS Management Committee Members

President Mr. Benedict Koh Yong Pheng, PBM
Vice President Mr. David Goh King Siang
Honorary Secretary Mr. Lawrence Ng Cheok Yew, BBM
Honorary Assist.Secretary Mr. Lim Shien Ming
Honorary Treasurer Mr. See Toh Peng Keong
Honorary Assist.Treasurer
Mr. Chung Peter
Committee Member



Er Matthew Kwek Yoong Yoong



Committee Member Mr. Lim Chun Leong
Committee Member Mr. Thomas Ng Ah Tee
Committee Member Er Yee Poh Kin
Committee Member
Mr. Ivan Sin Siang Meng
Committee Member
Mr. Cho Choon Fatt
Committee Member
Mr. Zuraimi Bin Abdul Basheer

Name of Committee

Sub-Committee Chairman


Disciplinary Committee

Mr. Benedict Koh, PBM

Mr. David Goh
Mr. Lawrence Ng, BBM
Mr. See Toh Peng Keong
Education Sub-committee  Mr. Ivan Sin  Er Matthew Kwek 
Mr. Thomas Ng
Mr. Zuraimi Bin A B

Membership Sub-committee

Mr. Chung Peter

Mr. Lim Shien Ming


Mr. Thomas Ng


Publication Sub-committee

Mr. Lawrence Ng, BBM

Mr. Wilson Cho


Social Sub-committee

Mr. Lim Chun Leong

Mr. Lawrence Ng, BBM


Mr. Yee Poh Kin