The Fire Safety Managers' Association Singapore (FSMAS) was founded on 17 March 1989.
The Association is registered with the Registry of Societies - Ministry of Home Affairs (ROS-MHA) and its Unique Entity Number (UEN) is S89SS0050K.
The objectives of the Association are:
(a)    To represent members and to coordinate members' activities in promoting their legitimate  individual and collective interest as Fire Safety Managers
(b)    To coordinate efforts of members in preventing as well as detecting, fire emergency preparedness in the respective buildings and complexes for which the members are responsible
(c)    To provide the opportunity for exchange of ideas and information on fire and the methods of operation with a view to upgrade the fire safety of their respective buildings and complexes
(d)    To act as a consolidated action-group to promote a sense of awareness and concern with fire prevention and protection in their respective premises to safeguard against fire
(e)    To promote the Association as a professional body of highly qualified, disciplined, respectable and efficient Fire Safety Manager
(f)    To make recommendation for the improvement of members' welfare and advancement in their career.

Under the Fire Safety Act, the owner or management of a designated building is required to appoint a Fire Safety Manager and to provide him or her with the necessary facilities and information for him or her to discharge the duties effectively and efficiently.

Towards this end, the Management Committee wishes to encourage membership for those who have passed the prescribed examination to be Ordinary members of the Association.

We also encourage related fire safety bodies to be our member, namely as follows:-

(a)    Any person who belongs to any Institute of higher learning and who is teaching subjects promoting the objectives of the Association; members of the Institution of Fire Engineers; any related professional body or organisation which have similar objectives of the Association; may apply to be an Associate member of the Association.

(b)    The Association may admit as Affiliates such bodies who desire to support its aims and activities. Such bodies shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as that of Associate membership.

(c)    Those who have passed the prescribed examination in Certificate in Fire Safety and Emergency Management Course could register as Graduate member.

The outstanding skyline of our country with high-rise residential or commercial and industrial buildings and complexes as well as industrial facilities, have grown steadily over the past years.
Hence, there is a parallel demand for capable Fire Safety Managers.
To meet the ever challenging needs of the Fire Safety Managers, the Association provides 
(a)   dialogue session with representative from the relevant authorities
(b)   organises seminars, workshops, technical talks and FSM Briefing accredited under the FSM Continual Professional Development Programe for its members
(c)   organises members' networking dinner or night to create opportunities or platform for members to network or interact with each other
(d)   email updates on latest changes in regulations by the authorities to members, etc
Certificate in Fire Safety and Emergancy Management courses are also conducted with the support of Civil Defence Academy for personnel responsible for fire safety, security, building management and property maintenance.
The Association has been supporting and actively taking part in activities organised by the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council, Association of Company Emergency Response Teams (Singapore), Institution of Fire Engineers, UK (Singapore Branch) and the Singapore Civil Defence Force.
The Association has set up a permanent office in July 2000 to embark on a recruitment drive of more members and to gear up more appropriate activities.