Committee Objectives

Professional Ethics

-To set high standards of discipline and professionalism for members.

-To provide a sense of identity and recognition and achieve advancement for members.

-To formulate Code of Ethics and draft by-laws.


-To ensure buildings and workplaces remain safe and relate fire safety procedures.

-To upgrade fire safety standards.

-To ensure occupants of buildings adopt good housekeeping and fire safety practices.

-To standardize the fire emergency plans in high-rise commercial and industrial buildings and assist to conduct exercises. 

Continuing Education

-To promote fire safety education and inculcate fire safety awareness amongst owners and tenants of buildings.

-To organize fire safety campaigns and training courses for occupants of buildings.

-For (1) & (2) above, also to coordinate activities organised/in conjunction with SCDF and NFEC.

-To liaise with SCDF, Polytechnics and related organizations to organize upgrading courses for members.

-To create opportunities for members to upgrade and share knowledge on current innovation in fire safety and prevention technology.

Public Relations

-To promote good relations with the authorities and other related organisation.

-To help establish a linkage between the relevant authorities and buildings owners through FSMAS.

-To serve as channel for disseminating policies of SCDF/NFEC on fire safety matters to owners of buildings and provide feedback to the authorities from managements in tackling problems in fire safety.

-To promote a good image of the Association to the authorities and the public.

-To draw up a programme for recruitment drive.

Programme and reception

-To keep abreast of current developments for service to members.

-To establish friendly contacts and cooperation with related organizations, both local and overseas for mutual benefits and promotion of exchanges.

-To draw up a programme of activities for improving interaction and rapport amongst members.